As health and wellness advocates, we like to make sure that the products we use in our homes are non-toxic and eco-friendly. This isn’t always an easy thing to do -- with so many companies claiming to be “green”, it’s hard to figure out what products are actually easy on our bodies and the environment. 

Luckily for you, we’ve vetted tons of products over the years to find the best ones for keeping a clean and beautiful home. Here are our top 5 Amazon products for making your home more green.

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Paper towels are a staple in almost every kitchen in America and most of us don’t think twice about using them to clean up small messes. And let’s face it, if you have kids there are WAY too many opportunities to waste those paper towels. 

While most other countries swear by mops, brooms and sponges, America seems to have a strange obsession with paper towels. In the United States, we use more than 6,500,000 tons of paper towels every year - that’s a tremendous amount of waste. Here are some eye-opening statistics:

  • According to the EPA, paper and paperboard products make up the largest percentage of all municipal solid waste, at a whopping 25.9 percent.
  • To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are consumed.
  • It would take 51,000 trees planted per day to replace the number of paper towels that are tossed each day.

But ditching your paper towels doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience and cleanliness in the kitchen. We’re huge fans of these reusable and washable paper towels. Happy sustainable cleaning!

Puracy Products

Based in Austin, TX, Puracy makes non-toxic household products that are safe for the entire family, including pets and kids! From body wash to stain removers, Puracy uses plant based ingredients to create products that actually work. Some of the most common ingredients are himalayan pink sea salt, sustainable coconuts, pure olive oil, and essential oils. And the company also does its part to reduce its carbon footprint through refill pouches, biodegradable formulas, reusable glass bottles, and paying to offset the carbon of every order shipped.

We both love to cook, but there’s nothing worse than having to scrub and soak a pan for hours after a meal. While there are plenty of harsh chemicals that can do the trick, the thought of those chemicals sitting in the same pan that touches our food makes us a little uneasy. We couldn’t find a product that actually worked until we came along the Green Grab Cleaner Pods. Just place one of these in some water and let it dissolve then easily scrub clean! These pods are made from naturally-derived ingredients and free of all phosphates, chlorine and dyes and the fragrances are made with essential oils.

Speaking of essential oils, we couldn’t go without mentioning one of our favorite products for making your home smell clean -- the doTERRA diffuser and essential oils. Unlike many products that are filled with synthetic chemicals and fragrances, essential oils are derived from nature, giving a plant its scent and protecting it from hazardous environmental conditions. Every essential oil varies in its natural makeup, so the aromas and benefits are unique. Some essential oils are soothing, toning, and grounding, while others are energizing, warming, and renewing. The wide variety of essential oils allows you to naturally address your specific concerns. One of our favorites is lavender oil, which promotes a restful sleep environment.

ECOS Detergent

If you have kids, you’re no stranger to piles of laundry. Most name-brand laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals that can irritate skin. But ECOS detergent uses a plant-powered formula to give you clean clothes while still being soft on your skin. And the company is committed to sustainability -- all products are made in a carbon neutral, water neutral, zero waste facility using 100% renewable energy.

The Best Amazon Products for a Green Home

We all love a clean home -- but this shouldn’t come at the cost of our health and the environment. Making small changes can have a huge impact. Try replacing some of your synthetic products with a few of these natural products -- you won’t be disappointed!

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