A Guide to Finding Your
Favorites in Fairfield County

One of the most exciting things about moving to the suburbs is finding all of your new favorite spots. Fairfield County is home to so many small businesses with unique and local charm. But don't worry - you can still find some of the popular spots from the City here too! Haley has immersed herself in the community and has created relationships with many of her local shops, restaurants and fitness studios, so she's here to share where you can find some of your favorites too.

Find Your Favorite Facial

Old Greenwich, CT

Elivate Medspa is my favorite place to go for "me" time. Elivate offers IV drip therapies, cutting-edge facials (the Fire + Ice one is my favorite), immunity booster shots, and all of your classic botox, fillers, and cool sculpting treatments. I go there to relax and rejuvenate. Melissa has made the spa tranquil yet beautiful -- she has many private rooms where you can do an IV, all while in the comfort of a big chair, TV, blankets, and candles!

Find Your Favorite Barre Class


Both of these locations are owned and operated by the same gal. What I love about Pure Barre is that it never gets easier -- after 1 class or after 100 classes I am still being challenged, and using muscles in my body I never knew existed. For those of you who are curious about barre, it is a hybrid between ballet, yoga, and pilates. Low impact exercises that help tone and lean out your muscles. My favorite instructor is Jess. She teaches at both locations.

Mention my name for a free intro class. Meet you at the Barre!

Find Your Favorite Cardio Workout

Greenwich, CT

Club Sweat is a workout experience like no other: a high energy, low impact, CALORIE TORCHING cardio with a FULL body workout. All done in under 45 minutes. Club Sweat even offers an express classes for 30 minutes.

Schedule your FREE class by calling and mentioning my name.
You won't regret it! You will be HOOKED.

Find Your Favorite Hair Stylist

Fairfield, CT

Conveniently located on Black Rock turnpike next to Trader Joes, David Mac delivers a superb experience. Whether your sipping vodka lemonade or bubbly (they offer you complimentary cocktails), David Mac keeps you happy. My favorite spot for a blowout (I see Morgan). Whether I call an hour in advance or 5 days in advance they ALWAYS fit me in. I buy the blowout packages since I go so frequently.

Mention my name for a discount at checkout!

Find Your Favorite Designer


A shopping experience like no other, Mitchells offers personalized shopping that will leave you wanting more. Everyone is greeted with a smile, and the many challenging designers to find in CT all live in Mitchells. Whether you're looking for the latest pair of Golden Goose Sneakers or a classic Celine bag, Mitchells is your spot. You will not be disappointed -- plus its family-owned and operated!

Haley is a young professional living in Easton, CT where she enjoys the true charm of a NYC Suburb without the hustle and bustle (or traffic) of a city. She feels imensley connected to her community and strives to bring continuous prosperity and brand recognition to all the small businesses that make up her community. She is a brand consultant by day and lifestyle blogger by night.