Haley is a young professional living in Easton, CT where she enjoys the true charm of a NYC Suburb without the hustle and bustle (or traffic) of a city. She feels imensley connected to her community and strives to bring continuous prosperity and brand recognition to all the small businesses that make up her community. She is a brand consultant by day and lifestyle blogger by night.


What do you love about
where you live now?

I love the charm of Easton. I feel like I am in an entirely different world yet I'm minutes away from a bustling town in Fairfield.


What are your go-to spots?


Greiser's is quite literally the heart of Easton. This coffee shop is the place to be on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I always run into friends from near and far at Greiser's. Although I secretly like to keep it an Easton secret so it stays charming, I can't help but tell everyone about it.


Another local cafe that is the "social network" of Fairfield county. People come from near and far to eat one of Rick's famous croissants, and most employees have been there awhile so you grow to know and love them! I like to bring my laptop and get work done.


THE BEST PIZZA north of NYC. You have to try it - no ifs, ands, or buts.


A supermarket experience like no other - think homemade cookies, coffee concoctions to die for, and if you're attempting to eat healthy they have a fresh salad bar and delish already prepped meat and entrees.


A musician's mecca, where you can have the best coffee, after Greiser's of course!


What's the best kept
secret in your area? 

Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe - a raw food cafe staffed with the most knowledgeable and friendly employees. With Vegan, Vegetarian, and GF options Catch a Healthy Habit is a perfect destination for anyone that struggles to find the options they need with diet restrictions. I love going there while I'm on Whole30 because I can eat basically everything on the menu.


How would you describe the vibe as a local? 

Homey, Cozy, Warm. Easton has a certain charm to it that nowhere else in Fairfield County has. Its local charm, coupled with acres upon acres of gorgeous farming land makes Easton an ideal destination for families who want privacy but still enjoy going to the city!


What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

Be honest with your realtor and talk to your potential neighbors before buying the house. Get an insider's point of view. Easton is like the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle but tucked away in its own little universe.