Melanie has lived in New England just about her entire life. She works in digital marketing handling the social media for her organization which has become a profession near and dear to her heart. Melanie and her husband enjoy looking for new hiking trails and fixing up their new home. In her spare time, you can find her shopping around Fairfield Country and trying out new restaurants with her girlfriends.


What do you love about
where you live now?

I love how it's a small town feel, but there's so much it has to offer that it never gets boring. If I want to go workout and grab a coffee, I can do that all in town. Or if I have a bunch of errands to run, everything is local and close by. The towns in Fairfield County, in general offer what I need close to home. Because it's so close to the city, you can tell that there is definitely some metropolitan flare to the restaurants and experiences in the area. There is always something new to try.


What are your go-to spots?

Any of the beaches on Long Island sound are worth checking out, whether for a day of laying in the sun or even for a walk along the coast. Some of my favorite restaurants to check out are Walrus and Carpenter (Westport) and The Sinclair (Fairfield). The food is out of this world and keeps me always coming back for all my big occasions. If I find I need to get some shopping done, I LOVE heading into town in Westport -- it's pretty much a one-stop shop for everything I need, whether that be groceries, an outfit for a new occasion, or a good cup of coffee. Oftentimes downtown Westport or Fairfield is a meeting point for me and my friends, where we will spend the day and then end with drinks and dinner.


What's the best kept
secret in your area? 

My best kept secret is to hit up all the small businesses in town. There's a lot of businesses around, but the quality and service from the small businesses in the area are unmatched. I make it a point to buy from these mom and pop shops because they help keep a sense of community and spirit alive in the town. I can drive to a farm in a neighboring town, pick up some locally made honey, head back into town and pick up cheese from the local shop, and make a fun day out of it because the experience of shopping at these places is an adventure in and of itself. 


How would you describe the vibe as a local? 

The great thing about the vibe in this area is that it's very much what you make of it. It all depends on what you are interested in, whether that be art, being active, etc. I find for myself personally its very comforting and I feel like I belong because there's something for every taste.


What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

My best advice would be just get out there and explore. Getting lost in the town is one of the best ways to see the town. You never know what you're going to stumble upon.