Shatika is a lifelong Yonkers resident. She’s also a new mom and dog mom. She loves the area, the culture and everything it has to offer. She would love to tell you about the living, dining, shopping and more!


What do you love about
where you live now?

My building?
The views and the amenities it offers. I love that it is right on the waterfront.

The city?
It has so much potential and so much to offer; from its people, to its organizations to all the new businesses.


What are your go-to spots?

It depends on what I want/need! Bougie Brews for a latte, Guapos Restaurant for the best nachos, Yonkers Avenue for great diners, Cross County, Central Avenue or Ridge Hill for good shopping, and the list goes on.


What's the best kept secret in your area? 

The location is perfect. It is within perfect proximity to different surrounding cities. 30 minutes in any direction can expose you to so much.


How would you describe the vibe as a local? 

The vibe of Yonkers depends where in the city you are. But overall it’s a big city with close knit communities. Downtown is going through so many changes, giving the vibe of freshness and revitalization.


What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

To get everything this city has to offer you must immerse yourself in it. Actively participate as a resident, whether it's voting, attending local events, visiting local shops or giving back to the community through different organizations. Don’t just sleep here. Live here.