Suburban Side-by-Side

Greenwich and Armonk

In this side-by-side, we’re comparing Greenwich, Connecticut and Armonk, New York. Many buyers look across both of these towns as they share comparable qualities, with the three main features being location, schools and lifestyle. So let’s dive a little bit deeper into each of these towns to understand why they are so popular with buyers moving from New York City.

The Location

Armonk, NY and Greenwich, CT are located right next to each other. Greenwich is the western most town in Fairfield County, Connecticut and has 4 main neighborhoods: Greenwich (sometimes referred to as Greenwich Proper), Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich. Each has its own mailing address and zip code. Due to its location the Greenwich (or Greenwich Proper) neighborhood is usually the one that is considered alongside Armonk.

Directly north of Greenwich is Armonk, New York. Armonk is located in the town of North Castle in Northern Westchester County. Due to these similar locations, much of the landscape between Armonk and back country Greenwich is very similar, attracting buyers who are looking for space, privacy and natural beauty. 

The Lifestyle

Greenwich: Sophisticated + Lively

Greenwich offers ample amenities near stunning shores and quaint countryside. Here you’ll find natural beauty with a cosmopolitan flare. The town has 32 miles of gorgeous coastline with 4 beautiful beaches, two which are accessible by ferry, and over 4,000 acres of parkland, providing a diversity of landscapes to explore. Greenwich also has more than 150 miles of horseback riding trails. There’s plenty for the nature enthusiast to enjoy. In town, you can find an abundance of high-end shopping and world-class dining on what the locals refer to as “The Avenue”, which has some of the same shops that you can find in the city. Greenwich also offers many lively cultural events and community activities, providing something for everyone. 

Armonk: Sophisticated + Quaint

In Armonk, you can expect country surroundings with urban comfort. With only 6.1 square miles, it’s a small and sophisticated hamlet. There are multiple town parks with plenty of trails and nature to explore. Armonk offers a walkable business district, where you can find many mom-and-pop shops, high-end boutiques and gourmet food shops. There’s also a burgeoning food and cultural scene. Because of its size, Armonk has a strong sense of community.

Commute: In Greenwich, you can take the express train to get to Grand Central in about 50 minutes. In Armonk, you can head over to the North White Plains station and be in NYC in 45 minutes. 

Taxes: Generally, Westchester County, NY has higher taxes than the neighboring towns in Fairfield County, CT. As a very broad estimate, you might expect to pay around $7,000 in taxes on a $1 million home in Greenwich, and about $16,000 in taxes in a $1 million home in Armonk, but this will vary depending on the specific property. 

Housing Styles:  In Greenwich, you’ll find many historic colonials and elegant estates. In Armonk, you’ll see new construction scattered amongst similar colonial homes. 

Schools: According to, Greenwich public schools are ranked A+ (5th in CT) and Armonk schools are rated A+ (2nd in Westchester County). 

Market Comparisons

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If you’re wondering whether you should live in Greenwich, CT or Armonk, NY, reach out to us today to learn more about these towns and get started on your home search in the NYC suburbs.

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