Suburban Side-by-Side

Hastings-on-Hudson and Dobbs Ferry

In this side-by-side, we’re comparing Hastings-on-Hudson, New York and Dobbs Ferry, NY, two similar and sought-after neighborhoods in the Rivertowns. Many buyers look across both of these towns as they share comparable qualities, with the three main features being strong history, close-knit community and convenient lifestyle. Due to their small size, inventory in each of these neighborhoods can be limited, so we often see buyers looking across both towns when searching for a home. 

Hastings has a rich industrial heritage which can still be seen in architecture around the town today. Dobbs Ferry is named after a ferry that carried residents across the Hudson River during the late 1800s and was also used as an encampment during the Revolutionary War. Much of this history still remains in the area. 

At only approximately 2 square miles each, both neighborhoods are close-knit and focused on community events. They are both also certified climate smart communities, helping their local governments to take actions towards climate control and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of the lifestyle, both neighborhoods offer convenience with attractive commutes to the city in only 30-40 minutes. Both villages are also known for their quaint, laid-back vibe. 

The Location

Dobbs Ferry and Hastings-on-Hudson are neighboring towns bordering the Hudson River just north of the city.

Due to their close location, residents of one town can easily enjoy the amenities of the other. Here you also have easy access to highways to explore the rest of Westchester County.

The Lifestyle

Hastings: Progressive + Picturesque

Hastings-on-Hudson is a postcard worthy and progressive-minded community. Hastings prides itself on being an eco-conscious town – they ban plastic bags and takeout containers, among other initiatives to make it environmentally friendly. This area attracts many creative-minded people and also draws a high voter turnout. 

As a 2-square-mile village, Hastings-on-Hudson also offers residents walkability. Its picturesque Main Street has served as the backdrop for many films. The area is also known for its hilly streets and narrow lots, with homes located closer together to enhance the strong community feel. Many neighbors meet when walking through town or visiting the beloved farmer’s market. 

With its proximity to the Hudson River, Hastings-on-Hudson offers an abundance of recreational opportunities. There are many parks, tennis courts and walking trains, including the popular Old Croton Aqueduct Trail.

Dobbs Ferry: Quaint + Diverse

Dobbs Ferry is a charming village full of diverse conveniences. It is one of the more understated communities in the Rivertowns, with strong artistic influences. There is the Hudson River Landing, which is an old waterfront building that rents out studio space to local artists, as well as small art spaces for children. 

Dobbs Ferry boasts many top rated restaurants on the two main streets that make up the downtown area. The waterfront park, which shows off the beautiful Hudson River views, just underwent a major renovation and offers trails, sports fields and playgrounds near the train station. 

Commute: These towns offer very similar commutes, with the Dobbs Ferry train station being the next stop immediately after Hastings. Both stations offer express trains.

Taxes: Taxes are also very similar, with Dobbs Ferry usually seeing slightly higher taxes.

Housing Styles:  In Dobbs Ferry, you’ll find an eclectic mix of homes – tudors, arts and crafts, new construction, colonials and mid-century homes. This area offers options for any budget and design sensibility. In Hastings-on-Hudson, you’ll find colonials, victorians and contemporaries located on smaller lots, with many homes not having a garage.

Schools: Each of the elementary, middle and high school in Hastings-on-Hudson has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. In Dobbs Ferry, you can find a prestigious international Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Lifestyle: Both villages are quaint, artistic and historic and are heavily influenced by life on the Hudson River.

Market Comparisons

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If you’re wondering whether you should live in Dobbs Ferry or Hastings-on-Hudson, reach out to us today to learn more about these towns and get started on your home search in the NYC suburbs.

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