Whether you have just welcomed your first little bundle of joy (congratulations, by the way!) or if you have older kids who are already going to school, you might have finally decided that a move to the suburbs is in order. Yes, you love New York City and all the awesome opportunities it offers, but it's also true that raising a family can be a much more convenient and pleasant process when away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

If you are excited about finding your forever home out of town but don't want to move too far from the Big Apple, then look no further than NYC suburbs. In this article, we'll give you the lowdown on the five best family-friendly areas that are only a short commute away from Grand Central, each offering something unique that is bound to suit whatever lifestyle you have. Keep on reading, and get ready to settle down into your new suburban life!

1. Best for Top-Rated Schools: Westport

When thinking about where to live outside of NYC, you’ve probably come across Westport at least once. This Connecticut town has consistently rated high among the most family-friendly places in the New York area.

Once upon a time, Westport used to be a highly coveted vacation destination for the Manhattan elite, who would spend their summers lounging by the beach, sailing, or practicing other sea-related activities. Now, though, this town is attracting an increasingly high number of young couples and families looking for a new place to call home.

Westport boasts some of the highest-rated schools in the area, which makes it a top choice for families who put their kids' education first. Alongside this, its vibrant and close-knit community make it a great place to settle down with a family.

2. Best for House Prices: Katonah

The smallest out of the suburbs listed in this article, Katonah has a population just shy of 1,900 people, which means it truly feels like a welcoming and familiar community. Schools are very good here, just like in Westport, but what really attracts families to move to Katonah is the great value that they get when buying a house.

Both Katonah and Westport are situated approximately one hour and a half from Grand Central, but Katonah offers families the possibility to buy a property at much more affordable prices, which is one of the reasons why most of its residents are homeowners.

3. Best for a More Rural Feel: Bedford

If your main aim when moving out of town is to get that tranquil, rural feel that the city just won't ever give you, then consider the town of Bedford. Located in northern Westchester County and known for its winding roads and equestrian culture, this town has managed to keep that rustic, countryside vibe that you are looking for.

To top it all off, the quality of public schools is excellent, with the local community enjoying their historic village, local shops and the abundance of nature trails and parks.

4. Best for Young Couples and Families: Larchmont

Situated on the Sound Shore of Westchester County and only 40 minutes away from the Big Apple by public transport, Larchmont is the perfect place to settle down if you are a young couple or have younger kids. The population here, in fact, has a median age of just 37 years old, and the vast majority are married couples with small children.

Not ready to buy a house yet? No problem: many residents of Larchmont choose to rent a property due to the great value they get for their money as well as the abundance of space. If you move to Larchmont, you will also be able to enjoy many parks, ball fields, shops, restaurants, and cafes. What's not to love?

5. Best for Its Outdoor Spaces: Greenwich

How would you like to feel on vacation all-year-round? If you love the beach and the seaside lifestyle, then look no further than Greenwich. This Connecticut town — the state's closest to New York City — has long been a favorite of city people seeking to wind down for the weekend. 

In recent years, though, more and more families have chosen Greenwich as their new home, attracted by its summer-town feel, beautiful beaches, and many water-based activities. If you and your family are lovers of the sea, then Greenwich might be just perfect for you. And yes, you'll finally get to experience that relaxing, chilled out vacation vibe any time of the year.

Ready to Settle Down in One of These Family-Friendly NYC Suburbs?

The NYC suburbs offer plenty of opportunities to raise a family in a more rural, relaxed setting, which is something that many families have come to value. Whether you are looking for outstanding schools, a wide range of green spaces, or just a simpler, more rustic lifestyle for you and your kids, then you'll be able to find just what suits you.

The best part? Each of these towns is close enough to New York City, which means that you will still be able to commute to Grand Central easily and quickly, and to travel to the city for any exciting event or to visit friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your big move today! Are you looking for some expert assistance to make sure everything goes to plan? Then get in touch with us to find out how we can help you make your suburban dreams come true. 

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