With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, many people who had been living in New York City have made the choice to move out to the suburbs.

There are a lot of wonderful towns in Westchester County to choose from where you can still benefit from the amenities of city life but appreciate a bit more space and security.

Are you wondering where to live in Westchester?

Let's take a look at the best towns in Westchester to help you make the right decision for you and your family.


Ardsley is a small village that is located in South County between the Saw Mill River Parkway and Sprain Brook Parkway. Not quite a Rivertown, Ardsley is a nice option where it can be a bit easier to find home availability.

While smaller with roughly 4500 residents, it benefits from the account services of Greenburgh which has a population of 90,000. With a great library, community center, several parks, plenty of restaurants and shopping, fun annual events, and an excellent public school system, Ardsley is a great place for families with young children.


If you're moving to Westchester from New York City, you might appreciate the tight-knit community and school systems with smaller class sizes. It is an intimate community with a lot of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. The public schools are very highly rated and offer smaller class sizes than neighboring towns. 


Considered to be one of the best NYC suburbs, Hartsdale is a place that many people enjoy living.

Most residents own their homes here and enjoy the town’s vibrant feel. Hartsdale has its own train station and a number of shopping plazas. The public school system is highly rated and it is therefore considered a great place for families.


Rye has over 15,000 residents and is a nice NYC suburb that is known for its country clubs and its strong connection to the coastline.

Rye has highly rated public schools and like many of the other suburbs on our list, there are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks to choose from. With a livelier downtown than some of the other suburbs, Rye is a wonderful place to call home.


This is one of the Rivertowns which features an artsy and eco-conscious feeling. With a rich industrial history, you don't have to worry about ending up in a cookie-cutter home or development in this town. With beautiful historic homes and a walkable square-mile village, this is a lovely and convenient neighborhood for people moving from New York City. 

If you're wondering where to live in Westchester where you can find local stores and quaint downtowns, take a look at Hastings-on-Hudson. With nearly a thousand residents, this is a town with decent nightlife, diverse housing options and renowned public schools. Here you'll also find plenty of coffee shops, parks, and restaurants to choose from.


One of the smaller NYC suburb towns in northern Westchester, Chappaqua has about 1500 residents. If you're looking for an easily walkable downtown and more green space than some of the other southern Westchester towns, this might be a good town for you and your family. The town is largely made up of young professionals, retirees, and families.

Chappaqua has very highly rated public schools so this is a good place for families. However, if you're looking to still enjoy some of the nightlife and diversity of the city right in your town, this might not be the suburb for you.


Bronxville is considered one of the best Westchester towns to live in. In Bronxville, 80% of residents own their homes. Residents can experience a lively town feel with many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. With a highly rated school system, this is a great place to raise a family.

Dobbs Ferry

This is a dense suburban town that is considered one of the best places to live in the New York City area. Many of the residents own their homes here and much of the population is made up of young professionals. With plenty of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops, this is a pleasant town to live in outside of the city.

The public schools in Dobbs Ferry are very highly rated and the area is considered diverse with a bustling restaurant scene and excellent nightlife opportunities.


With over 17,000 residents, Scarsdale is a larger NYC suburb. With plenty of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops, you can still enjoy some of the amenities of city living while experiencing a more suburban feel in your town.

The suburb is known for its highly rated public school system and is considered a great place for families. The nightlife might not be as thriving as some of the other suburbs, but it is a nice in-between if you find Bronxville to be too lively but Chappaqua to be too quiet.


Larchmont is a quaint Westchester town that offers a vibrant suburban feeling with many conveniences, family-friendly activities and scenic trails with waterfront views. With roughly 6000 residents, you'll find this town offers great access to nightlife and excellent public schools.

The Best Towns in Westchester: Which Will Be Your New Home?

These are just some of the best towns in Westchester County. Take our quiz to find out which neighborhood best fits your personality or head over to our neighborhood guides to learn more about the lifestyle and appeal of other wonderful towns in the NYC suburbs.

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