If the city life has got you feeling cramped and stuffy, it may be time to head for greener pastures. Fairfield County could be the suburban environment that you are looking for.

With the ongoing pandemic, Connecticut has become a top spot for people moving out of New York City, with many people landing in Fairfield County.

Read on to find out why people love Fairfield County so much and why it could be a great fit for you.

Close by but Worlds Away

All of Fairfield County is within close proximity to New York City - making it a favorite choice of bedroom communities for commuters. With the I-95 corridor serving as a major link, you are within an hour's drive from the city from most towns in the county.

Most towns in the major population centers are within 40 miles of the city, making it a breeze to get from the rolling hills of Connecticut into the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan in no time at all.

The Metro North Railroad services Fairfield County with a commuter train option offered at various stations along the New Haven Line. This is an excellent choice for those who are averse to traffic, prefer commuting by train, or don't own a vehicle.

There are also various regional airports scattered throughout the county for those who have the capabilities of commuting by air. Multiple bus-lines provide direct links to urban centers in the region as well.

Step Into Nature

Fairfield County is conveniently located between the Megacities of New York and Boston but still manages to maintain its quaint and scenic allure.

From the numerous beaches that dot the Long Island Sound coastline, to the rolling hills and forests that make up its interior, Fairfield County is far from devoid of nature.

Historic homes dating back to pre-Revolutionary War days can be found in many of the communities, such as the Ogden House in Fairfield. Many of these communities are veritable time capsules full of history.

Go for a stroll in one of Fairfield County's numerous parks and green spaces. Take a hike up in the northernmost regions of the county at the Pootatuck State Forest or enjoy a sunny afternoon of boating on the Long Island Sound.

Nature abounds in Fairfield County making it the perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast or individual looking to escape the concrete jungle.

Enjoy a Thriving Scene

One of the reasons people love Fairfield County is its thriving restaurant, bar, music, and arts scenes. Downtown Stamford is known as one of the cultural centers of Fairfield County.

Stamford's vibrant music and arts scene draws people from all over, as does its multitude of restaurants and bars. In the summer, a free concert series Alive at Five brings world-famous musicians to the outdoor stage for all to enjoy.

Each Fairfield County community has its own style and cultural scene. From Stratford's famous Two Roads Brewery built in a refurbished factory to the Gatsby House in well-to-do Westport, Fairfield County is just bursting with landmarks and activities.

The county has a multitude of skateparks and indoor rock-climbing gyms for the adventure minded. There are countless yoga studios and museums for those looking to enhance their personal development. There is never a dull day in Fairfield County!

Great Place to Raise Kids

Moving to the suburbs is often a precursor for having children. If kids are in your future, there is no better place to raise them than Fairfield County. Boasting some of the top schools in the nation, Fairfield County provides quality education.

There are multiple public and private school options and a plethora of Universities and institutions of higher education for when your kids get a bit older. This makes it a fruitful place to start building your nest. You and your family will have lots of opportunities to grow and have fun.

Fairfield County is Full of Culture

Fairfield County is anything but a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter community. All sorts of people from many different walks of life make up the population of Fairfield County. The diversity of New York City spills over into Fairfield County allowing you to get tasty food from all parts of the world at a host of international restaurants.

Fairfield County is a favorite pick among celebrities. Famous actor Paul Newman settled here in Westport, as did Martha Stewart. Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones also has a house in Fairfield County. Mark Twain, author of such American classics as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", is a native son of Redding, located in the forests of Fairfield County.  The famous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald spent much of his time along the County's shoreline. 

The County has produced and attracted literary talent for generations. It is also known as a center for socialites and the rich, famous, and powerful. You never know, you could end up rubbing elbows with a celebrity at a local happy hour!

The Fairest of Fields

With so many things to do, places to enjoy and sights to see, Fairfield County is one of the best places to live in the nation. If you and your family are looking for a change, look no further than Fairfield County.

To narrow down your search to a specific town within the County, take our online suburban personality quiz. That way you can find the perfect community to fit your taste. Check out the rest of our website for all your info on moving to the suburbs.

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