At a Glance

In Cos Cob, you can have it all at a modest price. Enjoy an artisanal mecca within walking distance, spend your weekends at the local waterfront park and enjoy a sense of community with your neighbors - without all the crowds. 


VIBE Historic + quaint



The town of Greenwich is broken into four main neighborhoods: Greenwich Proper, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich. Each has its own mailing address and zip code.

The Lifestyle

A waterfront, family-friendly community with rich history

Surrounded by water on both sides (the Cos Cob Harbor to the south and the Mianus River to the east), Cos Cob is a haven for waterfront activities. The Mianus River serves as a launching pad for a variety of waterfront sports, such as rowing, sailing, kayaking and fishing. There are also several marinas and water clubs for families and athletes to enjoy.  

The nine-acre Cos Cob Park meanders along the river’s edge and provides two play areas and soccer fields. A bit farther afield is the Mianus River Park, which is a 391-acre reserve along the Stamford border, providing family-friendly fun for all seasons. Montgomery Pinetum Park, a local favorite, is home to a rock garden, picnic area and over 100 different types of evergreens.  

An Impressionist art colony from 1890-1920s, Cos Cob is proud of its historic past. Cos Cob is home to the recently renovated and expanded Greenwich Historical Society, which houses two museum galleries, and the Bush-Holley House, the town’s only national historic landmark and the one-time home of an arts colony dedicated to Impressionism, where renowned artists captured the bucolic setting and its inhabitants. 

The Appeal

A snug and walkable enclave 

With only about 7,000 people and with a size of only 4.5 square miles, Cos Cob is an intimate and convenient community. Playgrounds, the post office and the terrific public library are often no more than a five-minute stroll away, and it is not uncommon to see people making their way there on the shoulders of roads, undeterred by the occasional lack of sidewalks. The town’s commercial hub, which houses coffee cafes, gourmet cheese shops, upscale juice bars and numerous dining options, is bordered by residential neighborhoods on both sides, allowing families to enjoy a variety of options only minutes from their doorsteps. 

Want to Explore Before You Buy?

We always recommend spending some time in a neighborhood before you start looking at houses. You can browse through some local vacation rentals at the link below. And If you'd like to spend a weekend here, we're happy to share our favorite spots to explore and even set you up with an itinerary.

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The Cos Cob Market 

Diversity of options from modest to majestic 

Cos Cob provides relatively affordable prices compared to the other neighborhoods within Greenwich, making it a perfect option for families seeking to enjoy the sought-after amenities without the ultra-luxury price tag. Near the town’s commercial center, you can find more modest homes on smaller lots. As you travel north, newer contemporaries and colonials with pools and tennis courts fill two-acre parcels. There are certainly many majestic homes with high price points throughout the town, but you’ll find fewer of the opulent estates in Cos Cob than some of the neighboring hamlets of Greenwich.