Parties to a Transaction

There are a number of parties involved at each step in a real estate transaction. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, we've defined each of the parties and their roles so you can be sure you're engaging the appropriate people.

  • Buyer: Purchaser of the subject property
  • Seller: Legal owner of the subject property
  • Buyer’s Agent: Represents and negotiates on behalf of the buyer in the purchase of the subject property
  • Seller’s Agent: Lists the subject property and represents and negotiates on behalf of the seller in the sale of the subject property
  • Inspector: A licensed professional hired by the buyer to inspect the home for any material defects once an offer has been accepted by the seller 
  • Attorney: Hired by both the buyer and seller to draft and negotiate the contract and coordinate the closing
  • Lender: A bank, credit union and mortgage broker that lends money to the buyer for the purchase of the home
  • Appraiser: A third party hired by the lender to determine the value of the home

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