From the City to the Suburbs

Jamie and her husband were enjoying their life on the UES, but ultimately decided to make the transition to the suburbs when starting their family. Now she's here to share more about her decision and both the surprises and anxieties that came along with it!

What fears did you have when leaving the city and moving to the suburbs?

Boredom! My husband and I loved being able to walk everywhere, jump on a subway and get to a different part of town in an instant, so the biggest fear was that we wouldn't go anywhere and that we'd always be stuck at home. I was also a little fearful that everyone would be much older or just not at the same stage we were in life since we moved before having kids.

How did you know you were ready to leave the city?

We had come to the point where we were getting married, wanting to grow our family and we were already outgrowing our 1 bedroom apartment in the Upper East Side. We knew that we needed at least 2 bedrooms and that meant doubling our rent in order to get what we wanted in the area of Manhattan that we wanted. Financially and space wise, the suburbs just made more sense.

What was the biggest adjustment for you in your move to the suburbs?

Driving again was a little strange at first. I forgot about things like sitting in traffic, planning extra time to drive places, etc. But one thing I did love was having a car again and not needing to carry my life around in a tote bag anytime I needed to get somewhere! Another adjustment was the noise. I remember my husband and I both couldn't sleep for the first week or so because it was SO quiet and we were used to horns and city traffic all the time that they almost became calming.

What surprised you most about your new lifestyle in suburbs?

I was surprised how much more we enjoyed being home. We did a full renovation so once it was all finished, we actually loved spending time in our house and adding finishing touches. I was adamant about the kitchen design and I am so happy with how it turned out because I spend a TON of time cooking and entertaining. We also had a backyard which was a game changer from the city where we had no green space at all, even in our building. Having our dog and now kids, a yard has been so nice to have and we actually don't feel the need to always be away from home to enjoy ourselves.

What advice would you give to other families looking to move to the suburbs?

Check out neighborhoods and the "downtown" areas of each before you settle. If you are into eating out like we are, a solid restaurant scene might be more important to you, but if you like peace and quiet, then you might prefer a more secluded and spread out suburb. Also consider community spaces available for your use as a taxpayer such as playgrounds, community pools, etc. All of those things can really add appeal (or not) to a particular area.

Sitdown with Jamie


Jamie is a mom of two with a career in law living in New Rochelle, NY with her husband, kids and frenchie. She enjoys checking out local restaurants and entertaining in her home and also loves finding kid and adult friendly activities to partake in with her family. Some of her favorite things to do are cook, explore the local area and take on DIY projects.