It might come as a surprise to hear that it's estimated 83% of the US population lives in cities. If you're a city dweller, you might feel like all of these people live near you as you deal with the crowds and noise that come with city living. 

You might also appreciate all the excitement your city life offers compared to your friends and family who have migrated to the suburbs. Yet, they are thrilled with their more relaxed life outside of the city. 

It raises the age-old question of suburbs vs city living, which way of life is best?  It turns out that may have a lot to do with your personal preference, although life in the suburbs is taking on a new shine in the past year. 

Read on to learn some of the pros and cons of living in the suburbs.

Great Reasons to Choose City Life

For the die-hard city dwellers, they might swear there is no other life than living in the excitement of the city. City life offers a certain buzz and unlimited options for activity. Any need you might conjure up is at the tip of your fingers while living in a big city.

It's hard to dispute the access to culture like museums, theater, and music all around the city. City life also provides a variety of options for any type of food (and food done so well!) right on your own block.

With easy access to public transportation that will take you to any place you want to go in the city, you don’t need to worry about the expense of a car or dealing with the long commutes that come with living in the suburbs. City living means you can also walk nearly anywhere you want to go.

Life in the city offers a type of independence for those who take it. You can wander the city and explore new areas you've never seen. There is easy access to shops, culture and restaurants and you can have almost anything you can imagine delivered right to your doorstep.

Reasons to Consider Leaving City Life

While there are plenty of alluring reasons to live in the city, one of the biggest issues connected to city life is the expense. The cost of buying a home is prohibitive for most and monthly rent can be daunting. With the additional cost of living, including groceries and dining out, your expenses easily add up. 

Space is another downside to city living. Limited space can come in the form of the tiny apartment where you reside and have no personal outdoor space of your own, as private outdoor space is almost unheard of in the city.

For many, city living takes its toll over time. When once it was full of excitement, as you grow older, it may become exhausting. While living in the city as a single person can be thrilling, raising a family in the city is a whole different matter.

Despite these concerns, many people are hesitant to leave the city because finding a place to live in the suburbs can seem overwhelming. If you are ready to find your place in the suburbs, you can take our neighborhood personality quiz

Allure of the Suburbs

For many who once swore they wouldn't give in and become a suburbanite, the suburbs have gained in favor for a whole host of reasons. 

Space is a big factor in moving to the suburbs. You can buy or rent more space in the suburbs and often for much less money. Life in the suburbs often means having double or more of living space. It also means you can be closer to the outdoors. You have access to not only your own yard but to nearby hiking trails and outdoor spaces. 

Many who make the move to the suburbs enjoy the quiet that comes with that life. They no longer have to hear their neighbors overhead or in the hall outside their apartment and they don’t have to deal with the constant noise of traffic during all hours of the day and night. 

Living in the suburbs, especially with a family, can provide a healthier lifestyle. You don't have the congestion and pollution of the city, and you can get outside more. Life can feel less stressful and hectic beyond the city.

Many believe that when they move to the suburbs they are giving up access to the cultural activities of the city, but most find the suburbs offer their own set of opportunities and for less money.

Suburban Life, No Way

One downside of life in the suburbs has to do with time. You often need to have a car in the suburbs instead of walking everywhere and using public transportation. It can mean that you now have a longer commute if you still work in the city. 

Many people who enjoy city life don't want the calm and quiet that comes with living in the suburbs. They want the continued buzz of the city. And some worry that life in the suburbs will have less cultural diversity than city life offers. 

Making the Choice: Suburbs vs City Living

If you live in the city, finding housing in the suburbs can feel daunting. It means traveling to look at housing when you feel like you know nothing about suburban living. If you want to get a sense of each neighborhood without making the long commute, you can browse our neighborhood guides and meet our S2S Ambassadors

In this world with more people working from home and having kids home too, the space of the suburbs sounds more and more appealing. For those die-hard city dwellers, the suburbs vs city life will continue to be debated.

If you're considering a move to the suburbs, we can help. Contact us today to get started on your search for a new life in the suburbs.

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