Are you a self-proclaimed city person determined never to leave the city? Or maybe you suddenly feel the draw to have more space, less noise and a more relaxed life without all of the expense and craziness of the big city.

While there are a whole host of options to consider outside of New York City, you might be wondering about the commute time too. Sure, you want the easier life of the suburbs, but without making your commute a nightmare. 

So, what are the best commuter towns to NYC if you're considering a move out of the city? Read on to learn more about the best towns to live in to commute to NYC.

1. Hastings-On-Hudson

Located in Westchester County and perched near the Hudson River, you might consider Hastings-On-Hudson. This three-mile square village openly sells itself as a small town with an open mind --inclusiveness is part of the draw for many. This creative community is politically engaged and environmentally conscious.

Hastings-on-Hudson features narrow winding streets that run along the Hudson River. In the downtown area, you will appreciate shops and restaurants, none of which are chains. 

On Saturdays, you can run into your neighbors who have walked to the farmers market. After your market visit, enjoy a hike at the Old Croton Aqueduct, a 26-mile, state-owned park that runs partially right through downtown Hastings-On-Hudson.

Your weekday commute from the Hastings-on-Hudson Station to Grand Central Station can be completed in less than an hour.

2. Greenwich

With only a 45 minute commute from Greenwich Proper to Grand Central Station, this Connecticut town is the closest to NYC. It has a lot of draw for those wishing to leave behind city life and still commute a reasonable time back into Manhattan.

The first thing to know is that the town of Greenwich is divided into four neighborhoods: Greenwich Proper, Cos Cob, Riverside, and Old Greenwich.

The Greenwich communities feature 32 miles of coastline along the Long Island Sound. Living in Greenwich, you get all the charm of a small-town feel along with the cosmopolitan benefits of close-by city life. The community features:

  • Four beaches
  • 4,000 acres of parkland
  • Annual Greenwich International Film Festival
  • Free movie screenings
  • Bruce Museum of Arts and Science

For those with a family, consider Greenwich Proper which is renowned for its school system, spending 38% of its annual budget on education. 

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3. Stamford

Another Connecticut option is the town of Stamford, offering a city-like vibe in a smaller town. Stamford features a host of nearby amenities so you won't ever feel like you've left the city. It has the largest public library in Connecticut and a free trolley is available around town as a method of public transportation. 

Need to commute to the city? The Stamford station offers access to charter buses, Amtrak, and Metro-North service. It has the best commute from Connecticut to NYC. Take the express train straight into Manhattan to Grand Central Station and be there in 45 minutes. 

After work, take time to appreciate Stamford's vibrant downtown featuring music venues, theaters, nightclubs, and restaurants.

4. Norwalk

Norwalk, Connecticut features a small town, down-to-earth vibe with an industrial edginess. It is home to many young professionals who appreciate the more affordable housing they can find compared to some other commuter towns and the community’s racial and socioeconomic diversity.

There are four commuter stations found in Norwalk. Three of those stations are on the mainline of the New Haven route (Rowayton, South Norwalk, and East Norwalk) and a fourth on the Danbury Branch (Merritt 7).

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5. Bedford Hills

Tucked in between the affluent communities of Katonah to the north and equestrian Bedford to the south, Bedford offers charming housing at a more affordable price than its neighbors. The greater Bedford community is about 39 square miles offering a wide range of activities for residents including:

  • Town park with swimming and tennis
  • Local library
  • Locally-owned shops
  • Concerts
  • Art museums
  • Galleries
  • Lectures by well-known experts

Bedford Hills is located 48 miles north of New York City and offers a commute of around an hour into and out of the city.

6. Bronxville

If you aren’t quite ready for the total jump to the suburbs, you might appreciate the town of Bronxville located just 15 miles north of Manhattan. If you really want to limit your commute time into the city, this might be the right choice. You can make it into NYC in about a half-hour. 

98% of the workforce in Bronxville are young professionals and commute into the city. 80% of the community members have at least a bachelor's degree, placing a high importance on the value of education. The town itself has many sought-after public schools and colleges. 

Living in Bronxville, you'll find a variety of housing options consisting of apartments, single family homes, co-ops within walking distance to the train, and even a handful of rental buildings.

7. Rye Neck

Rye Neck is a lovely little enclave with its own school district that straddles the village of Mamaroneck and the southwest section of Rye. 

Rye Neck is a good choice for young families looking for more space. You can find many compact homes that won't require the heavy maintenance of some larger yarded homes. 

The New Haven line allows commuters to make it into the city in well under an hour, making this community highly desirable. 

Check Out These Best Commuter Towns to NYC

Did one or more of these best commuter towns to NYC catch your eye? If you're ready to start your search for your next home outside of the city, we can help. 

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