New York City: home to almost 19 million and one of the most exciting cities in the world. But what happens when you start yearning for some more space and some peace and quiet, yet you don't want to give up your coveted city job?

One of the most popular options for young professionals these days is relocating to one of New York City's suburbs. Here, you get the best of both worlds, being within commuting distance from NYC, but with diverse options for housing and a slower pace of life.

Keep reading for our guide to the best suburbs of NYC and why each one might be right for you.

Mount Vernon

For those young professionals who like the idea of moving out of NYC, but really don't want to go too far, we present Mount Vernon. This city is just about as close as you can get to Grand Central while moving out of the five boroughs. Three different train stations in Mount Vernon offer a commute of less than 30 minutes to Grand Central!

What's more, Mount Vernon has a strong sense of heritage, shops within walking distance, and plenty of diverse restaurants for food-lovers. It has a large variety of different style houses, from large single-family homes to apartments and multi-family homes as well.

If Mount Vernon sounds like the place for you, check out the rest of our guide to South County.

Greenwich Proper

Next up on our list of the top suburbs of NYC, we head to Greenwich Proper in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Greenwich ticks all the boxes: a 45-minute commute to Grand Central, a lively atmosphere, great choice of schools. What more could you want?

Greenwich can be divided into four main neighborhoods, one of which is Greenwich Proper. Greenwich Proper is the western-most of these and has a cosmopolitan and affluent vibe.

With its location on the Long Island Sound, it's easy to see why people are relocating from New York City to this gem. From the annual film festival to the abundant green space, there are many reasons why Greenwich Proper should be on your relocation list.

New Rochelle

Another of the top NYC suburbs is New Rochelle, situated within Westchester County on the Sound Shore. New Rochelle has attracted many young professionals in recent years, being only 37 minutes from Grand Central and with a host of activities to do here.

Feel close to nature thanks to Five Islands Park, Glen Island Park, and Huguenot Park, amongst others. Meanwhile, it boasts a lively downtown area, full of bars and bagel joints, for those of you not quite ready to give up the New York City lifestyle.

New Rochelle has plenty of housing options, so whether you're looking for a condominium, grand historic home, or turn-of-the-century apartment building, there's something for everyone here.


Sticking to Sound Shore, and moving just a little further north-east up the shoreline we come to Rye. This means it is marginally further from The City That Never Sleeps, but still boasts an impressive 45-minute journey to Grand Central.

The sleepy Greenhaven neighborhood includes some rather spectacular homes, while the City Center is where some of the more affordable - yet still appealing - houses are. Not to mention, plenty of bustling bars and restaurants to keep young professionals entertained.

Like many of the suburbs on our list, Rye also has a coastline and is home to the beautiful Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a beautiful spot to spend the weekend with your loved ones.


The next of our NYC suburbs is sometimes referred to as the "6th Borough". Moving to Yonkers allows its residents to keep one foot in the big city, with the other in a smaller, but still happening location.

There are several different train stations in Yonkers, and the commute into Grand Central takes between 25 and 42 minutes, depending on which one you travel from.

Yonkers' recent downtown renovation has put it back on the map as a top place for millennial relocation. It is the largest city in the Rivertowns area and has plenty going on. In terms of the properties available, you'll find townhouses, luxury apartments, Victorian homes, and more.

Downtown Stamford

Downtown Stamford is the next location on our list, and it is certainly one of the top suburbs outside of New York City. Back in Fairfield County, it's remarkably close to NYC considering it is a sizable city in its own right. The journey by express train takes just 50 minutes from downtown Stamford.

If commuting isn't for you, there are many up and coming businesses operating here, including several Fortune 500 companies. There are plenty of attractive apartment buildings here, as well as single-family home options as you move further out of the city center.

Stamford offers its residents plenty to do, with public beaches, the lively Harbor Point area, and unmissable theatre entertainment.

White Plains

The last of our top suburbs within commuting distance of New York City is White Plains. Just 40 minutes from Grand Central on the express service, this is a great option for young professionals looking for more affordable housing options than NYC.

Picturesque suburbs surround the downtown area, providing the ultimate setting to raise a family. There are lots of restaurants and bars to discover, as well as a thriving arts scene.

With plenty of education options and easy parking, it's clear to see why many are choosing to move here.

Those Are the Best Suburbs of NYC

We've now covered the top locations within commuting distance of NYC. These make the perfect location if you're looking for more space to start a family, but you're not ready to let go of the Big Apple.

If you found this guide to the best suburbs of NYC helpful, why not take our quiz to discover which suburb best fits your personality?

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