At a Glance

South County is composed of a mix of cities, towns and villages that satisfy those suburban cravings while delighting that piece of NYC that will forever be in your heart.

BIGGEST APPEAL Suburban excellence without sacrificing convenience 

VIBE Quaint + lively

COMMUTE TO GRAND CENTRAL Under 30 minutes or 30-45 minutes

A QUICK NOTE In Westchester County there are incorporated cities and incorporated towns. The cities are highly autonomous and independent from the towns, providing all services to its residents. The towns contain incorporated villages and unincorporated hamlets. Each town provides most municipal services for their residences and selected services for residents of their villages. The incorporated villages pay taxes to and receive services from their respective towns. Hamlets are former villages that dissolved their incorporation. 

The Lifestyle

Equally as quaint as it is lively 

The small-town businesses and community spirit provide residents with an often-admired quality of life. With the best of both worlds, residents enjoy the local quaint downtowns and access to more vibrant city life when they please. Throughout these areas you’ll find family-owned shops in the villages as well as more diverse shopping centers with larger chain stores. But just because you’re in the suburbs, doesn’t mean you have to solely rely on a car. There are surprisingly more walkable towns in South County than many people realize. Some districts are even void of school buses, instilling a tradition of kids walking to school together.  

The Appeal

Picture-perfect houses, hard-to-beat commute

South County has plenty of outdoor recreation, nationally acclaimed school districts, and vibrant downtowns. It’s everything you’re looking for in the suburban lifestyle: tree-lined streets, community feel and modern conveniences. Many young families move here to enjoy more space and find the easy commute not only convenient but also essential to raising kids as working parents. Non-commuters are attracted to the many business and commercial districts found within the County.

Want to Explore Before You Buy?

We always recommend spending some time in a neighborhood before you start looking at houses. You can browse through some local vacation rentals at the link below. And If you'd like to spend a weekend here, we're happy to share our favorite spots to explore and even set you up with an itinerary.

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The South County Market 

A variety of housing options to fit your personality and needs

Each area within South County has a unique personality, while still remaining a commuter’s dream. The area’s historic nature and a mix of municipalities offer a variety of housing opportunities that appeal to anyone's taste and budget.


If you want to slowly transition away from Manhattan, this may be a good option for you. Mount Vernon is a commuter’s heaven with 3 stations offering quick access to the city and a high walkability factor. Within the city you’ll find a mix of housing opportunities based upon location. In the northern area of Fleetwood, there are large historic single-family homes dating back to the 1920’s and post-war apartments that are now co-ops. The housing in the south part of the neighborhood is reflective of the business district, with multi-family homes, apartments and single family homes.

TRAIN STATIONS: Mount Vernon West: 26 minute express to Grand Central Mount Vernon East: 28 minute express to Grand Central Fleetwood: 29 minute express to Grand Central 

TOWN-VILLAGE OF HARRISON HAMLET OF PURCHASE As one of the larger towns in the county, Harrison checks the list for many families seeking a suburban lifestyle. Its schools hold a good reputation, taxes are competitive due to the many large corporations within the town, and the community offers an abundance of amenities. As a hamlet in the northern section of Harrison, Purchase hosts a larger number of multi-million dollar properties and estates with more land and open space. Further south you will find a more diverse housing mix within the area’s downtown including higher priced single-family homes and a small supply of co-ops. There is easy access to NYC and beyond, with the train offering express trips into the city and HPN airport a short ride away for further adventures.

TRAIN STATIONS: Harrison: 41 minute express to Grand Central

TOWN OF PELHAM VILLAGES OF PELHAM AND PELHAM MANOR Known as the “first suburb outside of New York City,” Pelham is a distinct, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with two villages: Pelham and Pelham Manor. Most of the buildings in these villages have historic architecture styles including Victorian, Colonial and Tudor Revival, but you can also find a variety of modern homes of varying sizes as well as some rental opportunities. The village is more densely populated, and although it may boast higher home prices, there is a wider selection of homes than in Pelham Manor. Pelham Manor is an affluent suburban village that is known for its large multi-million dollar estates.  

TRAIN STATIONS: Pelham: 33 minute express to Grand Central 

TOWN OF EASTCHESTER The town of Eastchester is three square miles, with the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe adding an additional one square mile each. Each of these three municipalities has their own school district, with a sought-after educational community of public schools and colleges. The Eastchester market has a wide selection of single-family, condo and co-op opportunities for home buyers to choose from, with a lower average sales price than the overall County’s average. Lake Innesfree, Twin Lakes County Park and Lake Isle Country Club, a town-owned recreational facility, all add value and quality of life to the surrounding homes and townhomes. The majority of co-ops are in the northern part of town, close to Scarsdale Metro North, appealing to the young professionals commuting into the city. 

VILLAGE OF BRONXVILLE Although Bronxville is small in size, this adds to the tight-knit and idyllic village appeal. Homes are close together to create a neighborhood feel, but far enough away to maintain privacy. A sophisticated selection of homes with classic New England architecture can be seen throughout the market including well-preserved Colonials and Tudors. Most of the village’s co-ops are within walking distance to downtown’s Metro North station. Homes on the higher end of the market are located on tree-lined streets and hills that overlook the picturesque downtown.  

VILLAGE OF TUCKAHOE A recently revitalized downtown has turned Tuckahoe’s industrial buildings into new housing opportunities. Within the village you will find newer luxury rentals and modest apartment buildings that appeal to commuters who can easily access the Metro North. A mix of single- and multi-family homes, co-ops and condominiums provide attractive options for residents to enjoy this village’s community-centered vibe.

TRAIN STATIONS: Bronxville: 32 minute express to Grand Central Tuckahoe: 34 minute express to Grand Central Crestwood: 32 minute express to Grand Central 

CITY OF WHITE PLAINS As the commercial hub of Westchester, downtown White Plains is full of city living opportunities without big city prices. With the boom in multi-family and mixed-use developments, the area has also seen many offices, retailers and restaurants enter the scene. By day the city grows to over 250,000 people, and by night it settles down to a quarter of that with residents enjoying their exciting urban vibe. Within the city you can choose your style of living from a moderately priced co-op to a high-end condo. Outside of the downtown area, tree-lined streets create a beautiful suburban scene with single-family Tudors, Colonials and modern Ranches that range from million-dollar estates to modestly priced homes.

TRAIN STATIONS: White Plains: 39 minute express to Grand Central 

TOWN-VILLAGE OF SCARSDALE The convenient commute, top-rated schools and bucolic surroundings are what draw people to the Scarsdale housing market. Scarsdale is ranked as one of the wealthiest towns in Westchester and is composed of five distinct neighborhoods: Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, Heathcote and Quaker Ridge. A majority of homes within these neighborhoods are elegant Tudors (a nod to its English roots) and fancy colonials with historic flair that offer a bit more land than some of the surrounding villages. Outside of the multi-million dollar estates you can find upscale co-ops and some condos that appeal to singles and young couples looking to take advantage of the village’s conveniences.

TRAIN STATIONS: Scarsdale: 34 minute express to Grand Central 

VILLAGE OF RYE BROOK Rye Brook is a flourishing community that lacks a traditional downtown, but it’s Rye Ridge Shopping Center is sure to please with a variety of shopping and retail options. Its convenient location and two great school districts make it an attractive neighborhood for young and growing families. In recent years the market has seen a lot of new construction and renovations amongst the otherwise traditional Colonials and split-levels. The neighborhood’s smaller lots make for more affordable yet competitive prices compared to surrounding areas. Residents can catch the train station in the neighboring town of Port Chester.

TOWN OF GREENBURGH This 36-square-mile town houses approximately 88,000 people with half of the population in one of its six villages and the other half in its three hamlets and the remaining unincorporated areas. We are focusing on the villages and hamlets that are quintessentially South County, boasting convenience and culture. 

VILLAGE OF ELMSFORD A well-placed village with major highways running through it, Elmsford is home to many office parks and has an industrial vibe. With a wide variety of housing options, you can find more opportunities to both buy and rent compared to surrounding villages. Moderately priced split-levels and capes, condominiums and apartments make up the majority of the housing market.  

VILLAGE OF ARDSLEY Ardsley is a small and intimate community nestled between the Rivertowns and Scarsdale. Because of this, homes tend to be on larger lots and more attainable. Most homes in this village are split-level and ranches that were built during the 1960’s and 1970’s but you can also find condos and multi-million dollar properties. Residents are close to major highways to connect them to the neighboring train stations of Dobbs Ferry and Scarsdale.

HAMLET OF HARTSDALE This South County hamlet borders Scarsdale and White Plains, offering the best of suburbia and city life. With its own train station, many residents can walk to the MetroNorth from the condos, co-ops and single-family Tudors and Colonials nearby. Hartsdale Ave cuts across the town with modestly priced co-ops and condos and high-rise buildings. Poet’s Corner and College’s Corner are popular charming neighborhoods with a mix of home styles, from Capes and ranches to Tudors and Colonials. 

HAMLET OF EDGEMONT Edgemont is an intimate, highly rated, yet unpretentious community in the town of Greenburgh that boasts well-landscaped yards and attractive Colonial and Tudor style homes. Within these leafy, winding streets you can find historic homes that were previously summer properties for Manhattanites. Its charming collection of homes allow you to get more for your money than some of its neighboring villages. There is also a mix of condos and co-ops located primarily along Central Park Avenue for those seeking convenience.  

TRAIN STATIONS: Hartsdale: 37 minute express to Grand Central