At a Glance

The Sound Shore is your match made in Westchester to transition you from the city trendsetter that you are to a new, stylish suburbanite. 

BIGGEST APPEAL Peaceful living on the Long Island Sound  

VIBE Sophisticated + tranquil

COMMUTE TO GRAND CENTRAL 30-45 minutes, 45 minutes - 1 hour

A QUICK NOTE In Westchester County there are incorporated cities and incorporated towns. The cities are highly autonomous and independent from the towns, providing all services to its residents. The towns contain incorporated villages and unincorporated hamlets. Each town provides most municipal services for their residences and selected services for residents of their villages. The incorporated villages pay taxes to and receive services from their respective towns. Hamlets are former villages that dissolved their incorporation. 

The Lifestyle

Serene with high-end flair 

The area is a shoreline retreat with home to private beaches and inlets, unique attractions for kids and a lively restaurant scene. Stroll through the downtowns to find specialty shops, galleries and eateries that bring excitement to the otherwise serene surroundings. Country clubs are abound in the area offering golfing and beaches with a shared community spirit. Residents can also indulge in the open space and nature with unique public parks that cater to all ages and pets.

The Appeal

Highly regarded, family-oriented ambiance 

The towns in the Sound Shore are tranquil yet eclectic, hugging about 36 miles of the Long Island Sound coastline. Boaters and water lovers are attracted to the harbors and marinas that delightfully influence their everyday living. With its convenience to the city and strong public school systems, the Sound Shore is a sought after location for growing commuter families.

Want to Explore Before You Buy?

We always recommend spending some time in a neighborhood before you start looking at houses. You can browse through some local vacation rentals at the link below. And If you'd like to spend a weekend here, we're happy to share our favorite spots to explore and even set you up with an itinerary.

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The Sound Shore Market 

Unique and exciting opportunities along the Sound 

The Sound Shore towns each have their own unique vibes - from low-key suburban neighborhoods to walkable urban apartments and everything in between.


CITY OF NEW ROCHELLE Downtown has seen a recent boom of new development attracting young commuters to its vibrant city lifestyle and known walkability factor. Within the neighborhood you can find stately historic homes from the 19th century, newly built condominiums, turn-of-the-century apartment buildings and multi-and single-family homes.  

TRAIN STATIONS: New Rochelle: 37 minutes to Grand Central

VILLAGE OF LARCHMONT Homes in Larchmont have an abundance of character including Victorians with wrap-around porches, Capes with picket fences and condos and co-ops closer to the walkable downtown. Modest homes can be found closer to the village’s downtown and New Rochelle border, as well as several apartment buildings. Further out you’ll find houses on quarter-acre lots and multi-million dollar colonials near the waterfront. Residents have the extra perk of opting in for a private membership to their town beach along the Sound.  

TRAIN STATIONS: Larchmont: 38 minutes to Grand Central

TOWN + VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK Mamaroneck takes advantage of its coastal location with grand estates along the shoreline. Within the village you can find everything from new luxury apartments to charming ranches and modestly priced family homes. The highly regarded Mamaroneck Union Free School District is also a great source of pride for this close-knit community, attracting commuters with young and growing families.  

TRAIN STATIONS: Mamaroneck: 43 minutes to Grand Central 

CITY + VILLAGE OF RYE Rye can be divided into three main neighborhoods: Greenhaven, City Center, and Milton. Quiet Greenhaven holds large, posh homes edging a channel by the same name and the Marshlands Conservancy. The bustling City Center contains some of Rye’s most historic residences as well as most of its shops and restaurants. And nautical Milton boasts stretches of white sand beaches, eye-popping estates, and the prestigious American Yacht Club.

TRAIN STATIONS: Rye: 45 minutes to Grand Central  

As a village that hugs the Long Island Sound and Greenwich, CT, Port Chester has many offerings beyond its well-appointed location. This diverse and growing community has plenty of walkable appeal and housing opportunities for the new generation of young professionals. You can find a mixed housing stock with charming single-family homes, condominiums and plenty of apartment style living conveniently located near the village’s amenities and train.  

TRAIN STATIONS: Port Chester: 45 minute express to Grand Central