Where Should I live in the NYC Suburbs?

If you find yourself asking “Where should I live in the NYC suburbs?” then this blog is for you. From stunning beaches to serene landscapes, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, offer a unique blend of suburban charm and urban convenience, making them some of the best suburbs of NYC. Nestled along the coastline and dotted with picturesque landscapes, these counties provide a range of living options to suit diverse preferences. Whether you're a beach enthusiast, nature lover, or city dweller at heart, we have curated a list of the best NYC suburbs. 

Where to Live if You Love the Beach

If you have an affinity for the beach, you'll be pleased to know that Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, boast some of the most stunning Long Island Sound beaches. These sandy shorelines and soothing ocean breezes are the perfect escape for beach lovers.

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Fairfield CT

With its numerous public beaches like Jennings Beach and Penfield Beach, Fairfield offers a delightful coastal living experience. Residents here enjoy beachfront parks, water sports, and hard-to-beat sunsets. The vibrant beach community makes it one of the best suburbs near New York City for those seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Westport CT

Known for its upscale appeal, Westport features Compo Beach, a popular destination for sunbathing and swimming. The town also offers a lively downtown area with excellent dining and shopping options. Westport's upscale yet laid-back atmosphere attracts residents who appreciate the finer things in life and crave the beachside serenity.

Rye NY

On the New York side, Rye's Oakland Beach and Playland Beach present a perfect spot for beach enthusiasts. Besides the beach, Rye offers a rich historical background and a vibrant community. With its mix of stunning waterfront properties and welcoming neighborhoods, Rye provides a wonderful beach-centric living experience.

Where to Live if You Love Green Space

For those seeking a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by nature, Fairfield County, CT, and Northern Westchester County, NY, have an abundance of parks, nature reserves, and lush green spaces to explore.

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North Salem NY

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, North Salem offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers and is also one of the best places for a second home near NYC. Residents can immerse themselves in nature at the nearby Mountain Lakes Park or the Muscoot Reservoir. The abundance of open spaces and scenic trails make North Salem a paradise for both outdoor enthusiasts and equestrian lovers.

Katonah NY

In Westchester County, Katonah stands out with its peaceful atmosphere and stunning gardens. Residents can enjoy the lush greenery of the Lasdon Park & Arboretum or the Katonah Memorial Park. The town's commitment to preserving green spaces and maintaining a strong community spirit attracts nature lovers and those seeking a close-knit suburban experience.

New Canaan CT

Known for its picturesque architecture and pristine surroundings, New Canaan offers numerous parks like Waveny Park, which features walking trails and beautiful gardens. The town's dedication to preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage makes it a top choice for those who love green spaces and value a sense of community.

Where to Live if You Love the River

For those who find tranquility in the presence of water, passing boats and scenic backdrops, Westchester County, NY is blessed with the Rivertowns, hamlets along the Hudson River that create a calming and idyllic environment.

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Hastings-on-Hudson NY

Hastings-on-Hudson offers breathtaking river views and easy access to riverfront parks, such as Draper Park and MacEachron Waterfront Park. The town's proximity to the Hudson River provides residents with a sense of serenity and an array of recreational activities by the water's edge.

Irvington NY

Irvington boats picturesque river views and is home to the Scenic Hudson Park, perfect for leisurely strolls and picnics. The town's charming setting along the Hudson River appeals to those seeking a peaceful yet accessible location.

Tarrytown NY

Situated on the eastern shore, Tarrytown is a charming town that provides stunning views of the river. Residents can enjoy the riverfront parks like Pierson Park or take a stroll along the Tarrytown Riverwalk for a serene experience. Tarrytown's riverfront ambiance and historic charm attract those who appreciate a picturesque setting with urban convenience, making it one of the best towns along the Hudson River.

Where to Live if You Love the City

For those who crave the vibrancy of city life, while still having easy access to suburban comforts, there are towns within Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, that offer a perfect balance between urban amenities and a laid-back lifestyle.

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Norwalk CT

Norwalk provides an urban feel with a variety of restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. Its SoNo district is a vibrant hub for nightlife and entertainment. The town's proximity to New York City, along with its diverse entertainment options, make it an attractive choice for city enthusiasts seeking a lively suburban setting.

White Plains NY

This bustling city offers a dynamic downtown area with a plethora of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options making it one of the best places to live near NYC for young adults. As one of the closest cities to Manhattan, it provides easy access via public transportation. White Plains' urban atmosphere and proximity to major highways and public transit appeal to city dwellers seeking convenience and accessibility.

Stamford CT

As the largest city in Fairfield County, Stamford has a bustling downtown with corporate headquarters, shopping centers, and a thriving restaurant scene. The town's vibrant business community and proximity to New York City make it one of the best NYC suburbs for young professionals and a preferred choice for those who want a cosmopolitan experience without sacrificing suburban comforts.

Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, present an array of towns in the suburbs outside of NYC that cater to different lifestyle preferences. Whether you're a beach lover, a nature enthusiast, a river admirer, or a city dweller, you'll find a town that perfectly suits your preferences in the suburbs near NYC. From picturesque coastal living to serene green spaces, stunning river views, and bustling city centers, there's something for everyone in Fairfield and Westchester. Take your time to explore and find your ideal spot to call home in the NYC suburbs.

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